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Follow(ers) @fontfabric ///

Follow(ers) @fontfabric ///

Followers is a new section we are starting where we will be introducing some of our great Twitter followers! If you are interested in being featured in our Followers section, simply follow us on twitter @takeoverblog and we will be featuring followers at random throughout the year. Our first follower being featured is @FontFabric ....


I don’t even know how to begin describing this Netherlands-based studio. Atelier Carvalho Bernau specializes in highly functional and painstakingly crafted design work. Their work is primarily print-based and typographic, in fact they do a lot custom typeface design. I love how their site captures the gorgeous letterforms they’ve created alongside photos of high-end book...


This is a font translation for average people..  dont be fooled! via: Jeff Staple