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Pijama makes soft fabric cases for a variety of electonic devices like Apple laptops, PC laptops, digital camcorders, digital cameras, iPhone, iPod, etc. The neoprene cases come in a wide variety of vintage fabrics and great patterns and are sewn locally in Milan, Italy.


Elena Xausa is an Italian illustrator/design whose work is beautiful in its simplicity. I love the whimsical quality of her drawings, they have a great line quality, and her clean typography.


Check out Frank Chimero’s contribution to the Un Sedicesimo series. I always get so much out of his work. Frank has an unerring sensibility that combines graphic simplicity with substantive wit. Frank Chimero Shop

Alberto Seveso

Alberto Seveso is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Italy. His illustrations of Kelly Slater for an editorial piece are absolutely mind-blowing. Combining illustration and photography effectively is quite difficult, but Alberto makes this stuff look effortless.