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Take a look at Jiminie Ha‘s work, really beautiful stuff there.


All I can say is I want to work for SvB soooooo bad. Ridiculous. Amazing, Beautiful. They make it look so easy.


I recently came across this interview with photographer Francois Robert and I was immediately drawn to look up more of his work. Come to find out that I’ve definitely seen some of it before, even in some of the books that I own. In fact, Francois is quite a well-known photography, so much so that...


GOOD FOLK #20: HUSH STUDIOS (Tim Nolan) ///

-NAME Tim Nolan, Director of Interactive at Hush Studios -WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Brooklyn, New York. Hush Studios is in DUMBO, and I live near the Brooklyn Museum. -WHAT DOES YOUR WORK CONSIST OF? I am the Director of Interactive at HUSH. Hush Studios is a New York-based creative studio conceiving and developing powerful brand-driven...


I was fortunate enough to meet Jan Wilker (one half of karlssonwilker) at the Princeton Design Conference this past weekend. He’s an all-around spectacular guy and a smooth talker too. That being said I feel like I couldn’t possibly mention his name without also noting the summer workshop he’s running with Paul Sahre and James...


A few years back I had the pleasure of hearing Deborah Adler speak at the Thinking Creatively design conference while I was a student. She was riding high on the recent success of her redesign for prescription medication packaging, specifically the bottle of pills you get when you fill a prescription at a local pharmacy....


The only thing I can say about these images is that you need to see them for yourself. Amazing stuff…that’s all I got. Some people just like to have fun.


Recently found out about Areaware, a design company in NYC that manufacturers and distributes some really nice products. The artwork and goods are designed by pretty nice roster of industrial designers. The wooden flashlight above really caught my attention.


Rami Moghadam is a designer at Pentagram’s New York office under partner Luke Hayman. Rami’s site has some really great work on it like the above minimal identity design for Pont-Aven School for Contemporary Art.


Steve Haslip is a designer from the UK that recently finished his MFA at the School of Visual Arts. I love his portfolio, especially the work he did for the Dirty Weekend series of workshops, his thesis project.


I’m so glad that Alexandra Witjas sent us a message about her portfolio site. I had come across her work before and was a big fan, in fact I had it bookmarked so I could post it on here! Alex recently graduated from Pratt and is now hard at work for Mike Perry Studio. Check...