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Truth Design is a UK design studio/consultancy. They’ve created a great body of work. I especially like the invitation for the Reebok Pump relaunch event, shown above. Milton Glaser recently agreed to design a #4 that the studio will use to create posters in celebration of their 4 year anniversary. I’m jealous.


Another really great portfolio from the UK. This time the work of design/illustrator Rob Lowe (A.K.A. Supermundane).


If you’re in London this summer and you happen to like letters then by all means check out the following, courtesy of Fraser Muggeridge. Typography Summer School A week-long programme of typographic study in London for recent graduates and professionals. Alongside live projects run by Fraser Muggeridge, the school will host talks, seminars and tutorials...


Su Blackwell‘s paper sculptures are amazing. I’m addicted to this kind of “beauty through deconstruction” kind of artwork, especially when it involves books.


I’ve always loved these experimental covers for Faber & Faber done by MIchael Kosmicki. The covers have recently made their way around the book design blog circuit, always catching my attention. It appears that Kosmicki (based in London) has a really great portfolio to go along with them.


UK illustrator Nicholas Saunders is a lucky guy. He was given the opportunity to work for 4 months on the graphics and packaging that were used in the “Weasley Joke Shop” scene for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. He was able to come up with names for the products and all of the artwork...


Music is a Manchester design studio whose work is not only brilliant, but also brilliantly displayed on their site.


The UK studio which was known as Leterme/Dowling is now New Creative. Check out the new site they put up, you might have seen some it around before, especially over at Counter-Print.


Barnbrook has a new site, and I’m quite impressed by it. I have to admit I was not a fan of the previous site, but as soon as I saw this one I loved it. I even like the navigation of the site and how the images are displayed so large.


In case you missed it Grafik Magazine has had a new site up for a little bit. Looks like I’ll be hitting the site up a lot since a subscription runs $136 for 12 issues.


James Hopkin‘s artwork is incredible. I don’t usually find myself attracted to much contemporary sculpture, but Hopkin’s ability to craft pieces that require the onlooker to do a double-take has got me hooked. Hopkins constructs incredible works imbued with interpretative meaning through the use of scale, perspective and visual trickery. Enjoy.


Marque is the kind of studio that makes me want to relocate to the UK. Amazing work.